At Grupo NW SAS , under the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility , we decided to create the Red de Arboles Foundation in 2015 , which seeks to support the conservation of ecosystems and contribute to reducing the environmental impact that is generated daily. Since then, we committed to donating a percentage to the Foundation for each product sold.

For several years the Foundation has aimed to plant trees in areas affected by human activities and unpredictable natural disasters. Having this goal, it has been possible to plant more than 22,000 native trees in different parts of the country such as Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cota, Medellín, Mosquera and Tenjo.

The effort has been rewarded, since the Foundation received 2 nominations in the 2018 Portafolio Awards within the categories "Environmental Protection" and "Corporate Social Responsibility" . This news filled us with great satisfaction and joy, since it is gratifying to know that all the commitment we have had with the environment is beginning to be recognized in Colombia. All this leads us to want to continue with more enthusiasm, to continue providing the world and society with a place full of life, full of trees and clean air to breathe.

At Grupo NW SAS we are committed to the environment and our goal is to preserve it. For this reason, we will continuously support the Foundation in its sustainability and constant growth, in order to afforest and reforest the largest number of affected areas in Colombia.

With the support of the RED DE ÁRBOLES Foundation RDA

For each purchase you make, we will give you a pass to plant a tree , or the Foundation will plant it for you.

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